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Dingo Dog Music

Who: Chris Busche
What: Owner
Where: Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Gear: [2] V14s

From the Front: "The V14s allow you to find any frequency with ease whether the source needs a boost or reduction. They are essential to my work flow."... Read more

Valley Sound Studio

Who: Artur Kisarewski
What: Mixer, Engineer, Guitarist, Owner
Where: Suwalki, Poland
Gear: R22 compressors

From the Front: "I first heard about the JDK around 2010. The R22 is a very high quality compressor, which is a great find for the big and small home studios. I use the R22 to get more air and volume in my mixes. The compressor has suitable fluffiness and nobility on all recordings."... Read more

Terry Lagarde

Who: Terry Lagarde
What: Guitar player for the Latvian based band Louie Fontaine and the Starlight Searchers, full time guitar instructor, Leader and singer/ guitar player/ producer and engineer for National Lagarde
Where: Latvia and New Orleans, Louisiana
Gear: API 3124+ and 8MX2

From the Front: "My JDK 8MX2 is a great unit and is probably one of the more versatile units out there with eight mic preamps and limiting built in to each channel as well as the ability to sub mix down to two channels for two track recording if needed. I would also say that the 8MX2... Read more

Buss Recording

Who: Mark "Abishai" Brooks
What: Owner/Engineer, Buss Recording
Where: Brooklyn, NY
Gear: [2] v12, R22, API 500V

From the Front: "I love the v12 for my snare drum, it gives me the right amount of snap, punch, and clarity without being too overbearing. The R22 I love using for my drum sub groups, this compressor brings out the presence in the total drum kit adding girth and clarity to the sound."... Read more

Blake Clifford Music and Lowell Music Conservatory

Who: Blake Clifford Sr.
What: Musician, Doctoral Student, Instructor, Dad, Happy Guy.
Where: Lowell, Indiana
Gear: R20, R22, R24

From the Front: "Since I handle most of the music performances for the session work and collaboration I take on, I was able to get rid of my mixing board and upgrade to two channels of JDK audio. Those two channels consist of the R20 two-channel microphone preamp, R22 two-channel compressor, and the R24 two-channel 4 band equalizer. I love the rugged military looks of the units, but the sound of the JDK audio units is what really stands out... Read more

Silicone Music Productions

Who: Gustavo A. Sacchetti
What: Producer, Composer, and Engineer at Silicone Music
Where: Cancun, Mexico
Gear: R22 compressor, R24 EQ, API lunchbox®

From the Front: "When I discovered JDK I absolutely marveled, their products are of impressive quality. I bought the R24 EQ, and when I plugged into a mix buss and started playing, the world changed completely, everything began to have a different color, with sizzling, but sweet high frequencies. The same... Read more

War Horse Studio

Who: Chris Taylor
What: Owner, Engineer, Artist
Where: Miramar Beach, Fl (Destin)
Gear: JDK R22; API 1608 console loaded w/automation, 8 slot lunchbox

From the Front: "At the time I purchased the R22, I had minimal gear; later, I realized that the R22 is really an amazing unit. It sounds great on piano, and I've always felt it was very smooth and what many may call 'transparent.'"... Read more

Mystic Recording Studios — Nathan Paul

Who: Nathan Paul
What: Studio Owner, Freelance Producer/Engineer, Songwriter, Musician
Where: Apple Valley, CA
Gear: JDK R22

From the Front: "The first thing I did when I got my R22 was to test it out by sending a Fender P Bass through a vintage API preamp and then through the R22. I was blown away by its transparency. I was equally excited that I could use it for gain reduction with highly transient material and it retained a smoothness... Read more

Frequency Recording

Who: Richard Fabrizio
What: Owner/operator
Where: White Plains, NY
Gear: JDK R22

From the Front: Frequency Recording's construction was only completed last year, and a new JDK R22 stereo compressor is one of owner Richard Fabrizio's most frequently used pieces of gear. Richard says he reaches for the R22 as a two-mix compressor, and for tracking both drums and vocals... Read more

Shady Palms Productions

Who: Terence Ervan
What: Studio owner, producer, and head engineer
Where: Sylmar, CA
Gear: JDK R-22 Compressor, API 550b, API plug-ins

From the Front: Shady Palms Productions uses the R-22 for everything including tracking, mixing, and post-production. Through its post-production services, the company has won nine Emmy awards, and thirteen Golden Globe awards. Studio owner Terence Ervan shares "we use the R-22 on most instruments, but really love it... Read more

Digi Sound Studio

Who: L. Baba Prasad
What: Studio Owner, Musician, Studio Engineer, Mix & Mastering Engineer, Trainer
Where: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Gear: JDK R20 2 channel mic pre, API 6-slot lunchbox® with six 512c mic pres

From the Front: "I always wanted a great mic pre for my vocal booth, which consists of 2 mic inputs. JDK fit my studio needs exactly for its smooth, warm, clean tone. I use the R20 on vocals, strings, percussion, and many different sources. The sound is brilliant on everything! The analog VU meter also gives a nice... Read more

Candlewood Studios

Who: Erik Lamberth
What: Head of Studio, Musician
Where: Harleysville, PA
Gear: 2- R24 2 Channel 4 Band EQs
R22 Dual Channel Compressor

From the Front: "As I am a guitarist, I am very particular on the guitar sound quality, and the JDK units really deliver. I like the smoothness. I purchased a R24 based on a recommendation from Adam at DSP Doctor. It's easy to use, doesn't sound overly EQ'd, but it does sounder fuller and 3-dimensional... Read more


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