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Dingo Dog Music

Who: Chris Busche
What: Owner
Where: Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Gear: [2] V14s

From the Front:

"The V14s allow you to find any frequency with ease whether the source needs a boost or reduction. They are essential to my work flow."

"They were the first units I bought for my 500 series, being on a budget I needed a precise EQ that was more like a surgeon's scalpel to go along with my bus EQ, while not having any sacrifice of sound quality. I haven't done a single project as of late without the V14s on guitar, snare, or kick."

"If someone were thinking of purchasing JDK gear, I would tell them they can't go wrong. My V14s are used in every session. Treat yourself!"

About Dingo Dog Music:

Busche starting working in music 18 years ago, but got very focused on recording and audio engineering in 2008. He decided to start his own studio after several years as a musician. "After seeing all the money I spent on the recording process I figured out if I did that a few times, I could buy a house, or a studio of my own." Instead, he began his own recording space, where he says "I couldn't be happier."

More: Website
Contact: Phone: (250)619-0460; email

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