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Did you know — Renegade API Engineers Inspired V14 EQ

During API's early years, two revolutionary engineers split from the company to found APSI. The newly formed company soon gave birth to the 562 EQ, widely considered to be a brilliant equalizer. But alas, like many start-ups, APSI soon ceased to exist, and the 562 seemed destined to disappear into the sands of time. Over the decades the 562 chugged along in consoles and collected dust on warehouse shelves, until API engineers began looking around for inspiration for the new JDK line. While the sheen on its faceplate may have tarnished, the 562's reputation still sparkled, prompting API engineers to base the designs for the newly minted V14 EQ off of APSI's classic 562. We're happy to have those two visionaries, or at least their work, back home again.

R22 continues to get rave reviews

JDK's R22 dual-channel compressor still has people talking. Here's what GearSlutz user and L.R. Audio owner Lukas Rimbach has to say about the unit:

"I use the R22 in the studio where I work a lot. It's my go-to tracking compressor for vocals, and, I must say, I love this little thing on the 2-bus! It shapes the high end in a really pleasant way. The R22 is definitely a bang-for-the-buck unit!"


New round of R22 compressors nearing completion

JDK customers, the wait is almost over — the newest group of R22s is nearing completion! As a response to the dual-channel compressor's growing popularity, JDK sent a new round of the dual channel compressors to production this spring in order to meet the heightened industry demand. As always, we'd like to extend our thanks to JDK diligent dealers, both nationally and abroad, for bringing the R22 as well as the rest of the JDK line up (the R20 mic pre, the R24 EQ and the V14 EQ) to the front line of the audio industry.


Recording Magazine reviews R20, R22 and R24

All three pieces were independently reviewed by Paul Vnuk Jr. In case you're not a subscriber to Recording Magazine, you can view the entire article here.

Here are some of the highlights:

The R20 2-Channel Mic Preamp: "Bottom line: this is a 'what you put in is what you get out'-style preamp, and mojo junkies will need to look elsewhere. But with this sound the R20 works well on most everything; it sounded especially nice on vocals, acoustic guitar, drums, percussion and room mic duties."

The R24 2-Channel Equalizer: "...this is a great eq for extreme tweaks of 9 dB and more — it does go beyond 11... You can take the edge off or fatten up vocals with ease, add some smoothing to cymbals, and even boost the testosterone levels of your guitar and bass tracks."

The R22 2-Channel Compressor: "Here we have a bus comp for more subtle kinds of music like folk, or jazz or even for rock mixes where you don't want it so apparent. On the drum bus it's great for giving a nice tight coherence to the mix and engaging THRUST® still lets the low-end pulse through."


JDK brand receives great reviews, award from Everything Audio Network

The R20 mic pre, R22 channel compressor and R24 equalizer have received fantastic reviews from Everything Audio Network! Further, Everything Audio Network has also given the JDK R-series the site's Stellar Sound Award! In the piece, reviewer Andrew Roberts notes JDK's low prices and high quality manufacturing as well as the brand's fantastic sonic characteristics. Be sure to check out the review in full here.


Next run of R22 dual channel compressors started

One of our most popular pieces of gear, the R22 has experienced impressive sales lately. We have just started work on another run of the popular dual channel compressor. This next run of R22s will fill the heightened demand for JDK products across the country as well as overseas. Thanks to all of our hard-working dealers, especially Sweetwater for their continued efforts and support in getting the word about JDK out to the audio world. And, as always, we want to thank all of our wonderful, hard-working customers for choosing JDK equipment.

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