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JDK: Did You Know?

You may have noticed that the R20 and R22 meters look different from those of other pieces of audio equipment. That's because the meters—custom made for JDK—were modeled after those used on vintage U.S. Navy submarine communication gear. They were specially created this way so that they would complement the overall military aesthetic of the entire JDK line.

Currently on backorder, demand continues to increase for the R22 compressor

Here are two faceplates before inspection at our on-site factory.

Did You Know?

The JDK R22 has a long history: Did you know that the R22 is the same circuit as the original compressor from the ATI Paragon consoles made for live use in the 90s to early 2000s? Paragons were used on many major tours from U2, Garth Brooks, and Cher to Tim McGraw, Green Day and Britney Spears. The compressor sound was so musically pleasing that engineers begged to have it back after the Paragon went out of production, and thus was born the JDK version, the R22.

New Specs Just in Time for the New Year

Our V14 and R24 are both very popular members of our JDK line—and as such our sales department is constantly answering questions about them. As a result, our engineers took the initiative to update the product pages with new manuals and expanded spec sections. Check them out here http://jdkaudio.com/v14.html and here http://jdkaudio.com/r24.html. Specs for the Q range on both products have been added, and the PDF manuals which can be found on each page have been completely overhauled for your convenience.

You can email Mark Seman in our sales department (mseman @ JDKAudio.com) at any time, and he will be happy to assist you.

JDK gear used with SMASH-ing success

The Offspring is celebrating 20 years since the release of its platinum-selling album "Smash" with a world tour, and JDK gear is in being used in the band's rig. Greg Bess, who does front of house for The Offspring, swears by the quality of the JDK R22 Dual Channel Compressor. He says that its quality is consistent to gear he's used from both API, as well as the original ATI Paragon he's used for touring.

"I fell victim to the digital world for a while, and after having my fill I returned from the dark side and began rebuilding my analog outboard setup," recalls Greg. "I was looking for the perfect compressor for bass and vocals, and happened to run across the JDK line. After the first demo run with it, I knew I had to have it- and actually posted a money order from overseas!" The tour continues, with stops in cities including Las Vegas, Chicago, and Atlanta.

A Weekend in the Desert

The beaches are a little crowded in our home state of Maryland, so JDK decided to head west to the PotLuck Audio Conference in Tucson, Arizona. This Friday and Saturday, you can find us at the casita and test out our 500 Series modules in a fully-loaded lunchbox®. API/JDK President Larry Droppa is also speaking on a panel titled 'Transistors vs. Tubes: What You Need to Know'. Stop by and say hello.

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