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8MX2 Provides Compact Flexibility

The 8MX2 rack mount preamp/mixer has more features (and more channels) than you'd expect for a unit of its size—starting with the fact that there are eight channels available in 1u rack space. Multiple 8MX2s are fully linkable, and in addition to output jacks for headphones and monitors, the 8MX2 has 10-segment gain reduction and input/mix LED meters, eight line level multi-track returns, and an eight-into-two mix bus with a pan pot on each channel.

Each of the eight channels includes: a variable threshold limiter, a high voltage (+/- 48v) mic pre, return level and pan pots, mix bus and cue selects, a phase reverse switch, direct out and selectable 48v phantom power. This unit is perfect for all critical digital and analog projects, including at-home and remote recording as well as live broadcast feeds. Boasting +24 db of headroom, the 8MX2's microphone preamplifiers can be driven hard without clipping. Looking for even more flexibility? Engineers around the world appreciate its ability to feed the mixbus while simultaneously feeding the direct outputs. A quick read through the manual will give you even more information on this amazing unit.

Did You Know?

International superstar Taylor Swift takes a stack of JDK 8MX2s on tour with her to record every show? Swift travels with more than 12 units, which her crew link together to keep a permanent copy of every single live performance.

Photo from rollingstone.com

JDK Audio Compresses Under Deluge of Compressor Orders

We are currently overwhelmed with orders for the JDK R22. This popular rackmount compressor is currently several weeks backordered. Keep an eye out here and on JDK's social media pages for more information as the factory catches up and R22s make their way down the "assembly line". JDK President Larry Droppa commented, "The R22 is a great unit, and it's good to see it getting so much attention. We are pleased that it is in such high demand, and we're confident that our team will be able to quickly and efficiently catch up with that demand." To order an R22 of your own, find your local JDK dealer here.

JDK: Did You Know?

You may have noticed that the R20 and R22 meters look different from those of other pieces of audio equipment. That's because the meters—custom made for JDK—were modeled after those used on vintage U.S. Navy submarine communication gear. They were specially created this way so that they would complement the overall military aesthetic of the entire JDK line.

Currently on backorder, demand continues to increase for the R22 compressor

Here are two faceplates before inspection at our on-site factory.

Did You Know?

The JDK R22 has a long history: Did you know that the R22 is the same circuit as the original compressor from the ATI Paragon consoles made for live use in the 90s to early 2000s? Paragons were used on many major tours from U2, Garth Brooks, and Cher to Tim McGraw, Green Day and Britney Spears. The compressor sound was so musically pleasing that engineers begged to have it back after the Paragon went out of production, and thus was born the JDK version, the R22.

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