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JDK Enjoys Warmer Temps and Higher Sales

JDK made a strong showing at the annual NAMM Convention in sunny Anaheim, California, with interest running very high in the company's offerings of both API 500 Series and 19" rack-mount units. JDK specializes in offering extremely high quality, professional audio gear at exceptionally competitive prices. The market seems to agree with this philosophy and sales of the units are continuing to expand into new territories. Great seeing all of our friends from around the world at the show!

As Seen on Gearslutz.com

In reference to JDK's Dual Channel Mic Preamp, an Australian contributor captured the essence of the R20 by noting it "adds a nice mellow flavor to the sound. Nothing that sours or disrupts... I like running vocals, bass and kick through it especially. But almost all instruments benefit from passing through its body." True to its mission of delivering cost-effective quality, JDK Audio continues to offer professional sound at an affordable price.

An Equalizer for The Equalizers

Producer and JDK fan, Christopher "Czar" Smith, knew exactly where to look when he needed the perfect sound for his latest project, The Equalizers' After Hours album. He is currently using the R24 eq and V12 compressor as he lays down the final touches to the album, which will be released in early 2014.

"From recording to mixing and now mastering [The Equalizers] album, the JDK R24 and V12 has been gear I can trust," said Czar. "Meaning I can trust it to sound good on whatever I put it on. Recording and mixing becomes easier when you're using great gear, and JDK is definitely great gear."


Korean distributor MI Corporation has placed its next order of JDK products after taking delivery of a mix of preamps and compressors last month. This month's order will include more R-20 preamps; obviously we've got the right folks selling, supporting and demonstrating the great value JDK represents in Korea.

Coming to a Studio Near You

These 8MX2s are on their way out the door!


TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik, a leading microphone manufacturer, recently purchased a JDK 8MX2 8-channel pre amp for use with their trade show display as well as their mobile studio rig.

"The versatility of the 8 channel summing pre allows us the ability to carry a very streamlined rig to our product demonstrations and trade shows. It fits in a rack with a custom power supply we designed for our microphones and we are able to carry 8 channels of tube microphone with pre amp and summing mixer in a 6 space rack. Talk about saving space!" said Alan Veniscofsky, Director of Operations at Telefunken.

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