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Did you know — Renegade API Engineers Inspired V14 EQ

During API's early years, two revolutionary engineers split from the company to found APSI. The newly formed company soon gave birth to the 562 EQ, widely considered to be a brilliant equalizer. But alas, like many start-ups, APSI soon ceased to exist, and the 562 seemed destined to disappear into the sands of time. Over the decades the 562 chugged along in consoles and collected dust on warehouse shelves, until API engineers began looking around for inspiration for the new JDK line. While the sheen on its faceplate may have tarnished, the 562's reputation still sparkled, prompting API engineers to base the designs for the newly minted V14 EQ off of APSI's classic 562. We're happy to have those two visionaries, or at least their work, back home again.


Sweetwater breaks JDK sales records in February

Since signing on as a JDK Audio dealer in 2008, Sweetwater has consistently remained one of the top sellers of JDK equipment. Now, several years later, the audio equipment dealer has helped the JDK brand achieve new heights, by breaking Sweetwater's prior sales records with its February sales. JDK congratulates Sweetwater on a job well done and looks forward to many more months of continued success.


JDK now distributed in Mexico

As a response to the demand for high-quality audio equipment in Mexico, API has recently partnered with Vari-Internacional to make API and JDK products readily available throughout the country. Vari-Internacional has been in business since 1985 and serves numerous clients involved in audio recording as well as those in the movie and television industries. With the mission of providing top quality pro-audio gear and excellent customer service, Vari-Internacional is a great match to represent both API and JDK in Mexico.

R22 continues to get rave reviews

JDK's R22 dual-channel compressor still has people talking. Here's what GearSlutz user and L.R. Audio owner Lukas Rimbach has to say about the unit:

"I use the R22 in the studio where I work a lot. It's my go-to tracking compressor for vocals, and, I must say, I love this little thing on the 2-bus! It shapes the high end in a really pleasant way. The R22 is definitely a bang-for-the-buck unit!"


JDK has very successful trade show appearance

JDK's first trip to the West L.A. Music Festival Expo was a true success: The company met many new and old fans of both JDK and API, got to spend time at West L.A. Music's store (our newest dealer), and, we even got to have some free In and Out Burger courtesy of the expo's on-site promotion. For this show, sales representative Mark Seman and technician Jordan Shirks showcased the full JDK lineup: the V14 four-band EQ, the R20 two-channel mic pre, the R22 two-channel compressor, and the R24 two-channel, four-band EQ. Judging from the response received from this trip, JDK expects to become a regular feature at West L.A. Music.

JDK to Attend West L.A. Music Recording Expo

As our newest JDK dealer, West L.A. Music, prepares to host its annual free music expo in a few weekends, we're getting our staff and gear ready for our trip to sunny California. Sales representative Mark Seman and tech Jordan Shirks will represent JDK at the expo with a JDK listening rack and swag in tow. The event runs from Saturday, Nov. 12 (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.) through Sunday, Nov. 13 (11 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.) and will feature product premieres and exhibits, celebrity appearances, seminars led by industry experts, and, of course, JDK! For more information on the West L.A. Music Recording Expo, please visit their website: www.westlamusic.com/recordingexpo.html

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